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The HOP Festival was born as the result of the Urban Culture & Dance Gathering Sessions (Encuentros de Danza y Cultura Urbana) promoted by the El Generador for Art and Cultural Creation Association (Associació El Generador, Art i Creació Cultural) in Barcelona back in 2011. Fully consolidated by now, it promotes and stirs contemporary scenic creation for urban dances. The festival is a platform for research, creation, exhibition and diffusion, one that urban dancers have as a meeting point to be able to develop and exhibit their artistic works. In the same way, public, programmers and managers have it as a point of reference to visualize the current state of the scenic creation for urban dances.

One of the main objectives of the festival is to generate a place of encounter for artists and to favour creativity and scenic research, using, as starting point, the languages of movement that exist within and across the different urban dances. All while approaching the resulting creation both to the specialized and the general public, since the resulting pieces speak very broadly when it comes to the public.

At HOP Festival we believe in and bet both on the artistic and aesthetic quality that these languages of movement possess —having a strong creative component — and on the research approach as a fundamental reality for their development. In the same way that we believe in the creative possibilities that meeting and starting a dialogue with other participants in the scene can have.

2017 HOP FESTIVAL // CAMINS DE CREACIÓ // CreAció conteMporànIa daNsA uRbana // (OPEN CALL)

For four years we have been hosting the Scenic Creation Contest for Urban Dances, this being the tool to exhibit and encourage the scenic creation among dancers who, up to 2016, had built, using the urban dances, their basic language of work.

For 2017, aiming for the professionalization of the festival, as well as of the presented pieces and the participant artists that regard the HOP Festival as a meeting point to show their creations, train themselves, dialogue with other dancers and grow as artists, we have decided to take a step forward. On that note, we abandon the contest format and we move to a planned programme of pieces, which, along with workshops, round table discussions, creativity labs and more, will configure the whole programme of activities that will shape the festival’s new format.

The new format will have two parts: On the one hand, we will have CAMINS DE CREACIÓ, which will contain the programme supporting creation and exhibition of pieces in collaboration with the different civic centres. On the other hand, and in collaboration with Mercat de les Flors, we will hold an international programme focusing on the contemporary creation of urban dances. Both projects are interrelated and the pieces selected for CAMINS DE CREACIÓ may have a space within the programme at Mercat de les Flors as well, ultimately leaving that decision on the organization’s hands.

The distribution of the selected pieces within the programming and the different spaces and dates will be sorted out by the members of the organization.

The programme’s schedule will be defined and published in two separate instances:

  • CAMINS DE CREACIÓ — the final programme will take place on November at the following venues: Auditori de Sant Martí, Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas, Centre Cívic Barceloneta and Casa del Rellotge-Sala Pepita Casanellas.
  • CreAció conteMporànIa daNsA uRbana — will take place from the 9th to the 17th of December at Mercat de les Flors.



Open call will close on June 2nd. Until then we will receive pieces (completed or still in process of creation) from local, national and international artists who incorporate the urban dances as the basic element in their creations, using it in a complete and free manner. The presented pieces may be excerpts from a longer piece, but these must maintain a coherence in dramaturgy.

This open call is also extended to family audience shows.



  • The selected pieces will be distributed among the different venues and dates for official presentation according to criterion of the festival.
  • The selected pieces will be remunerated economically with an amount to be determined from the festival together with each artist/company.
  • For pieces presented by artists coming from outside Barcelona and abroad, travel, accommodation and dietary expenses will be covered by the festival, to be agreed together with each artist/company. Nevertheless, the maximum length for a paid stay in Barcelona will be two days.
  • The festival will provide the technician for lighting and sound, so it will not cover the displacement and stay expenses of an artist/company’s own technician if the artist/company presenting decides to bring their own technician, a decision that will be up to each artist/company.
  • The team selecting the pieces is formed by members of the festival, dancers specialized in urban dances and dance shows programmers.
  • Out of all the pieces received, the festival will contact with those that sees fit to schedule them on the indicated dates. The unselected pieces will be kept in the festival’s database as possible backup or for other suitable programmes organized by the festival.
  • The bases can be modified and the HOP Festival will make sure to announce such modifications through its main communication channels.
  • Presenting a piece entails the acceptance of the festival bases.



The pieces must be registered through the REGISTRATION FORM. The deadline for submission of pieces ends on June 15th of 2017.


The presented piece must include, in addition to the registration form, the following documents attached in an email sent to

  • Video of the full piece using a fixed recording, to be submitted through a link on the Internet (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) which will be included in the registration form.
  • Piece’s dossier.
  • Participating artists and company’s CV.
  • List of technical minimum requirements for the presentation of the piece.
  • Hi-res images that will be used to promote the pieces and the festival, as well as to prepare the promo kit handed to stage managers and the media.
  • Additional material deemed appropriate.
  • Guardian’s legal authorization in the case of minors.


The pieces submitted without the required documentation will not be evaluated by the organization.



One of the main objectives of the festival is to be a dynamic agent for the presented pieces in relation with the urban dances. In this way, over the years we have built a modest collaborating network with different entities and in a variety of forms: from programming, to residences, to creative support and more.

  • One of the winning entries will be selected to participate at the 2017 Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos & New York (Burgos). The selection will be made jointly by the event’s organization and the Hop Festival’s organization. The selected company will have the meals and accommodation fully covered, plus 100€ to help with travel arrangements. The prizes at the festival will be for the amount of 2,000 €, 1,000 € and 500 € respectively.
  • The 2017 Olot’s Sismògraf Festival will host one or several pieces, as long as the organizers see fit within the festival’s program.
  • Some of the pieces may be invited to be exhibited at the next edition of the Breakin’ Convention (London), as long as the organizers see fit within the festival’s program.
  • The 2017 Per Amor a l’Hart street art festival will host one or several pieces.
  • La Casa Elizalde Cultural Center will select one of the pieces for their next year’s program.
  • Several civic centers in Barcelona, the HOP festival and other festivals will host pieces at future programs.
  • Creative residency will be granted at CCBarceloneta, CCLes Corts, CCCasadelRellotge- Pepita Casanellas, Sant Adria de Besos Teatre Casal de Cultura, El Graner and other centers according to each center’s own criteria.
  • Technical residency granted by Boca Nord Civic Centre.
  • Technical residency granted by Auditori Sant Martí.
  • Artistic residency at Fàbrica de Creació el Graner.


– Associació Cultural El Generador, Art i Creació Cultural

– Centre Cívic Barceloneta

– Centre Cívic Casa del Rellotge – Sala Pepita Casanellas

– Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas – Les Corts

– Centre Cívic Sant Martí / Auditori de Sant Martí

– Mercat de Les Flors


– Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris

– Breakin Convention

– Centre Cultural La Casa Elizalde

– Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos & Nueva York

– El Graner

– Festival Per Amor a l´Hart

– La Mercè Arts de Carrer

– Sant Andreu Teatre

– Sismògraf Olot

– Espai Jove Bocanord

– Ajuntament de Sant Adrià de Besòs